• Research And Development

  • ID Design

    IDs come from the creative and professional designers who focus on doing right things to market and providing our partners with right products.

  • 3D Structure

    The mechanical design engineers are very expert in creating internal structure,which can make big advantage for electronics and acoustics.

    3D Structure

  • PCB Layout

    Rational PCB layout are designed by engineers who have over 15 years experience in audio industry.

  • Acoustics

    Fantastic EQ comes from professional acoustic equipment.


  • Debugging

    Accurate equipments help debugging during the entire process of R&D.

  • Soundproof Room & Electronic Artificial Ears

    Acoustics Laboratory,specially for ANC/ENC development and testing.

    Soundproof Room & Electronic Artificial Ears

  • R&D Sample Testing

    Kinds of testings must be done on R&D samples with the strict standards.

  • Tooling

    Precision tooling manufacturing to produce high quality products.


  • Reliability Testing

    Lots of life cycles and reliability testings are arranged while R&D to aviod quality issues in mass production.

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